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Strategy & Planning

Business Plans


It is tempting, especially if you work alone, to keep all the business information in your head. But it is tremendously useful to commit your thoughts to one key document that will keep you heading in the right direction even when there are bumps in the road. Detailing accurate costs will allow you to reassess if things don’t work as you thought; sales can be predicted and reviewed which will help future planning and marketing can be budgeted and planned ensuring that you stay in control. It is also essential if you are seeking loans to support the business.

Marketing Strategy & Planning


Day to day, your marketing plan is especially useful. Of course it should review all the tools available to communicate your offer – websites, print, advertising, social media, press articles etc; but it is much broader than that. It defines the target audience, considers costs and breakeven points, reassess brand identity – all useful even to a small business.

If you are starting out on a new venture, or would like to formalise your existing business, contact us to discover more. 

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