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Marketing tools & support to help your small business grow

Our Raison d'Être

We created Pépin to offer big value, low cost marketing to small businesses, in France, in the UK – and wherever small businesses need us.

We have found that successful marketing starts with taking the time to listen and to understand your ideas, your business needs and aspirations. We can then help you to turn these into a step by step plan of action to grow your business, helping you with websites, social media, images and copywriting.

It is this friendly, holistic approach, coupled with decades of experience and genuine enthusiasm that sets us apart. This gives you the confidence that your budget is spent wisely and delivers results.

Contact Andrew to find out more about how we can help your business grow.


Business Plans

Being able to communicate a clear vision for your business is essential for business planning and not only when external funding is required. It helps you plan, budget and grow your business from strong roots, keeping you ahead of the competition. If you need help producing a business or marketing plan talk to Pepin now.


Whatever your budget and requirements, we can create a beautiful and functional multilingual, brochure or e-commerce website. A well built website can showcase your business, sell your products and services, and build relationships with your customers. Add a logo and graphic design to leave your competitors in your dust!


Great images are essential to communicate your brand values and build engagement with your clients. We provide professional photography on site where required, and can also source wonderful, low cost, or even free stock photographs and illustrations, so you always have beautiful images at the best price.


Ongoing Marketing Support

We can help your business grow by providing ongoing support as your marketing needs and business strategy change over time. That may be technical support – helping you with event management, advertising and print production or press releases. Or it may simply be a sounding board to talk things through. 

Logos, branding &
Graphic design

A potential customer's first impression of your business probably won't always come from meeting you in person. This is why your business needs to have its own personality, its own look, its own brand, to stand up tall and tell the world who it is, what it does, and why it is so wonderful. 

Social Media 

Social media offers a cost effective way for you to communicate your values, offers and information to  existing and potential customers. To be delivered effectively, a social media strategy needs to be thought through and planned. We can advise which platform(s) to engage with and help with content and images, so you can move forward with confidence.


PC Fix & Support

PC Fix & Support

PC Fix and Support brings the concept of an IT helpdesk to the general public; a one-stop solution for all of your computer and laptop issues.

Studio Vitalité

Studio Vitalité

Studio Vitalité offers pilates and aeriel circus classes in The Gers. With aspirations to grow this established business, a fresh new look was needed.

Gascony avec Emilie

Gascony avec Emilie

Emilie is a highly qualified and very experienced sommelier. In 2019, Emilie launched her own business offering wine tasting workshops.


The Pépin People

Pepin Media is a collaboration between Zoe Shuttleworth, who manages all things design and website related; and Andrew Jackson, who manages the marketing, strategy and writing.


Andrew Jackson

Whilst working in the UK, Andrew worked in product marketing, internal communications, event & conference management, sponsorship management and as account manager for a design company. He relocated to France in 2018, established a business network group in the Gers, from which Pépin Media was born. Having been self-employed, Andrew brings first hand experience of creating and developing a small business in France.


Zoe Shuttleworth

Zoe started her own design business in her native Scotland in 2004. Since then she has worked with hundreds of small businesses, all over the world, across a wide range of industries. Since moving to the Gers in France in 2015, she now draws on this breadth and depth of experience to create an alternative approach to low cost branding and web design – by delivering only what has been proven to work and what is truly important for small businesses.

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